“Build a plant with construction. Build a reputation with safety”

The most valuable asset our organization is its employees. We aim at providing a healthy and safe environment to the workforce while executing a project and also to ensure the compliance of the applicable statutory legislations, regulations and contractual requirements by way of endeavoring to implement the following:

a. Achieving and sustaining a zero accident status by implementing the applicable statutory, contractual and organizational requirements.
b. Promoting healthy and safe practices of work in all respects.
c. Promoting environment friendly products and processes using sustainable technologies in all possible occasions.
d. Training / orienting by involving the entire workforce to follow the applicable environmental, safety and health guidelines.
We have always ensured the implementation of the HSE Policy involving our clients at all locations. PRECA is committed to the continual improvement of its Health, Safety & Environment management in the best interest.


One of the distinct advantages of Precast Construction over regular practices is that of the strict quality control. Our products are manufactured under highly controlled conditions with continues monitoring which ensures a best in class product is of superior quality.

We follow rigorous quality control standards and procedures which are adhered to at each stage of our operations while also aiming at continual improvement. We implement real time quality management system including document control, audit and review, reporting of and correction of non-conformances.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, which makes us unique among our competitors.

Quality Management Cycle: Typical cycle related to Precast Construction technology.

We at Preca, recognize our role in contributing towards the betterment of the community we live in. It is a responsibility we take very seriously and work constantly towards being more safe, sustainable and environmental friendly.

Precast Technology in its inheritance has the distinct advantage over regular construction practices as it vastly reduces the wastage of construction materials, has a stricter control over quality and uses a fraction of the workforce. All these measure increase the efficiency of the work, which means there is a lower consumption of energy towards producing a product of superior quality.

Precast Construction is internationally accepted to be one of the most sustainable methods of construction. The thermal mass of precast concrete absorbs and releases heat slowly, shifting air conditioning and heating loads to allow smaller, more efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The resulting savings are significant up to 25% on heating and cooling costs. Also, precast products have the unique advantage of being disassembled which paves way to recycle the product in any way desired with minimum wastage.

At Preca, safety comes first over and above commercial and operational matters. The usage of leaner workforce gives us the opportunity to concentrate more on the safety of the personnel involved. All of our personnel are well trained and are regularly updated on the various practices they can follow for their own safety. Our contributions towards our community have been in the form of donating our resources towards projects which call for it. One of our major CSR works includes the construction of the modern crematorium Vaikuntdhamam (previously Mahaprasthanam) at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad along with the Phoenix Group.