PRECA with years of comprehensive experience in delivering diverse range of building projects, offers Turnkey engineering solutions in construction - from design to execution. Our specialization services for the building projects includes Precast Turnkey Solution, General Contracting and Custom Building Solutions.

Precast Turnkey Solutions

Preca delivers Turnkey solutions in construction from design to on-site installation for projects all over India. This reduces the hassle involved in various stages of the project. Along with the advantages carried by prestressed and precast technology, our turnkey solutions help optimizing the coordination across different aspects of the project. Preca has taken the plunge into the cutting edge technology, precast in India.

PRECA introduced in-house project monitoring and controlling service, which improves project construction efficiency by minimizing the gaps involved in all the phases of construction and also acts a third eye of client.

General Contracting and Custom Building

Many clients prefer to enter into a comprehensive contractual agreement, this allows them to partner with our company as the sole entity throughout the entire construction process, to deliver the project with quality, on time and on budget.

When operating in this capacity, PRECA controls & responsible in the bidding, construction and supervision of project as per the client, service associates approved drawings and specifications. Proposals are developed and prepared for the building projects by using qualified subcontractors best suited for the project in conjunction with pre-construction walks and site inspections if necessary.

Although the work may be complex or have any on site challenges, our approach is simple. PRECA has a vast network of highly qualified and vetted subcontractors that work closely with the project team to consistently hit scheduled milestones and produce quality products through their hard work, dedication and pride.

Our general contracting services team takes pride in their relationships with subcontractors and other project partners and work hard to foster cooperation and mutual respect on all our project sites.

Custom Building Systems offer a wide range of design and construction solutions for even the most diverse projects. Our team of planning, engineering & design and construction professionals work with each client to ensure your vision becomes a reality. We will stop at nothing to deliver at specified times and stay well within the budget