Since our inception, our continuous investment towards acquiring the best of the technology available has resulted in the continual expansion of our facilities and services. This definite growth combined with our extensive experience has now made us capable of handling projects of any scale with strict adherence to quality which gives you peace of mind of knowing that your project lies in good hands.

Project delayed is profit delayed. Our scale of operation makes us capable of handling large projects, our experience gives you the assurance regarding the timeliness of execution and our strict adherence to quality gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your project lies in good hands.

Discipline and dedication form the core matrix of our Company’s work culture which, coupled with state of art equipment and a motivated team to leverage this manufacturing prowess intelligently and efficiently, has led us to achieve our goals of shorter cycle times and quicker responses.

We have perfected our craft, which has enabled us to focus and invest our time and energies on developing sustainable products and providing cost-effective turnkey solutions for maximizing your business interests

Our Locations

We are primarily based out of Hyderabad, Telangana and have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant on the outskirts of the city.The strategic location of the plant with easy access to Highways and the ORR surrounding the city, make us the most sought precast facility for the entire Telugu region. The production is carried out in two industrial factory buildings and various other facilities like QC laboratory and bar bending facility, all together comprising of 120,000 sq. ft. built-up area spread over an area of 16 acres of land. The current production capacity of the facility is greater than 10,000 sq. ft. per day and is growing everyday owing to our ongoing investments in acquiring the best of the technology available.


While looking to expand our reach and to cater to the eastern region of the country, we had the opportunity to set up a manufacturing facility in Bhubaneshwar. This plant, though in its initial stages is capable of a production capacity of 5,000 sq. ft per day. Our continual investment will only ensure that the plant will grow remarkably and add to our advantages.


Our upcoming facility near the new capital of Andhra Pradesh will further boost our production capability and mark us as one of the leaders in our industry.

If the project demands, PRECA will be able to setup a manufacturing plant anywhere in INDIA in record time while simultaneously maintaining the same level of productivity, efficiency and guarantee.


We firmly believe that a company is only as good as the technology it uses. Hence we have made no compromises in the acquisition of the best in class machinery from internationally reputed organizations.

Our equipment is imported from European countries, where precast is a much more prevalent form of construction which ensures the best in class machinery. The state of the art moulds and machines were purchased from reputable precast companies in Spain and Italy which enables us to produce world-class products.

Our manufacturing facility is fitted with a horizontal batching plant with a mixture cap, an in-line skip system, two silos and four feeder bins. It can produce 70 cum per day and effectively serves the daily purposes of our plant.

Our Extruder Casting Machine and its accessories including a Saw Machine, Bed Cleaning Machine, Anchoring heads, Clamps etc., are of the Spanish precast machinery manufacturing giant Prensoland and can produce over 850 sqm per day.

We have several EOT cranes from Germany with varying capacities which are used for the transfer of various entities all along the length of the plant. Additionally, we have several supporting machinery such as loaders, mixers, hydraulic cranes, forklifts etc., which perform various functions and help us in running our plant smoothly.

Precast Moulds:
We use imported moulds for the production of standardized precast elements such as T-slabs and Pre-stressed beams. Our TT-Slab mouldsallow pre-stressing of the strands up to the amount of 400 tons and are of Spanish company Moldtech make. They are of 45m long and have features such as disposable extra baseplate elements, so it is possible to cast TT slabs with a variety of rib height.We also possess Self vibrating beam moulds for the production of prestressed beams made by Bianchi, an Italian manufacturing company, each of which have the capacity to bear prestressing loads upto 700 tons. Our Tilting tables, used for the manufacturing of wall panels, shear walls, retaining walls etc., are also imported from Italy and have the capacity of 750 kg/sq.m In addition to standard moulds, we have a capable fabrication team, which, with inputs from the design team are capable of fabricating moulds depending on the needs of the clients in terms of recesses, chamfers, grooves etc., Customized moulds for maufacturing architectural elements are made to comply with the requests on client to client basis.

Quality Control

We practice strict adherence to quality standards and have an in-house Quality Control Laboratory equipped with an experienced team to ensure a best in class product. The laboratory equipment of the internal quality laboratory includes the following:
• Sieve Analysis equipment
• Cone / slump testing equipment
• Compression strength testing equipment
• Weigh Balance